Saturday, July 26, 2008

Touch Dial Free

Touch Dial Free is an easy-to-use and one touch dial icon on the home screen for iPhone.

Version 2 is still free but has the full features of Touch Dial


(1) Reset option in Settings App
(2) DTMF support (but * and # are not supported)
(3) Read Accelerometer data, and for the same one touch icon, it can trigger phone dial / sms dial
If you want a second touch dial icon, get the full app Touch Dial
Experience the one touch icon for both phone and SMS in one icon on iPhone home screen
It is free, simple, efficient and easy to use especially when you are driving.
The telephone number can be entered at the start of the Application. Then it will become a one touch dial icon for your iPhone.
* # and pause are not supported in the telephone number.

Version 2 supports
(1) New icon
(2) Reset in Settings App -> Touch Dial
(3) DTMF tone number after phone dial
(4) pause for DTMF tone
(5) Read Accelerometer data and can choose SMS dial / Phone dial


Compatible with iPhone
Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update


ender said...

Hi, great app. Any time frame for the full app to appear on the itunes store?



sirena said...

hola kisiera saber si solo se puede add one number para llmar grax saludos

Anonymous said...

where did the clock above the dock bar in one of the pics come from? never seen that, would like to know

javacom said...

That is a summerboard wallpaper theme with javascript for jailbreak iPhone

Anonymous said...

Do we need the DTMF number? What is that and how do you find it on your iPhone?

Alexey said...

Hi! Unfortunately, the program doesn't work on iPhone 4 with Russian. In Russian version 2 of Japanese language, in one there was no possibility of inclusion of option Emoji